Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson

Software Architect Software Architect
24+ Years Experience 24+ Years
Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI
<?> PHP <b> HTML </> HTML5
{:;} CSS <\> XML <-> API
[>] MySQL A+? SEO /// ADA
[=] QR <@> Email {[]} LAMP
[#] Apps +(id) Obj-C {.*} Java
>$< AJAX {JQ} jQuery {JS} JavaScript
{SF} SFCC {~} Node </> React
(N) Next.js [TS] Typescript &_{ SASS
Welcome. My name is Jeremy and I am a Software Engineer with over 24 years of professional experience developing websites, applications, and solutions for national brands such as the Green Bay Packers, Unilever, CNH Industrial, Wisconsin State Park System, and, most recently WatchBox Global, Govberg Jewelers, and The 1916 Company.
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KnowCSS, the revolutionary NoCSS engine$know()
Create responsive, modern, optimized, dynamic, cross-compatible layouts as you type in-browser with real-time preview.
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Knowed, the powerful, blazing-fast querySelector$knowed()
Select, manage, create, and update DOM nodes with unmatched efficiency and speed.
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Ears, the super-charged eventListener engine$ears()
Add, remove, and manage your DOM eventListeners and custom events with enhanced capabilities.
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KingDOM, the light-speed innerHTML replacement$html()
Render innerHTML changes to DOM safely and instantly with zero virtual DOM.
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EyeBrows, the simplest template engine$render()
Transform raw JSON data to instantly-rendered html with ease.
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Meanstreak, the high-velocity website engine$res()
An all-in-one, full-stack framework for your website.
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Hiwind.Me, the nostalgic throwback to days past$aol()
My personal website dedicated to the early years of the world wide web.
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